‘Your patience and knowledge was just a miracle for our son!’

‘Your patience and knowledge was just a miracle for our son!’

We’ve added some recent testimonials to the site – we hope you’ll enjoy reading the successes patients and participants in Dynamic Stuttering Therapy have achieved. We’re very proud of each of them and what they have accomplished.

Hi Barbara,

Since we the last session, I must say that there has been a definite change in the way Josh speaks.  I can’t tell you the change that has occurred.  It seems like he really has just GOT IT.  He has control of his speech and it has lasted well over a week.  This is the longest that a notable change has been observed. Last night, he had 30 minute telephone conversation with his friend – absoultely beautiful speech.

I suppose I was waiting for the fall before emailing you again for another session.  Maybe we won’t need any more – a very unusual concept in this household as Josh has needed speech therapy since he was 6 and he has just turned 14 years old.

We have really not needed to remind him to use any technique, he self corrects – this approach to his speech works.  At times, I can see Josh working at using the strategies he has learnt from you – it works  …. IT WORKS.  He practices the strategies all the time – using it at all times – he has control – he feels in control.

Last December, I searched for an approach to Josh’s speech that would work for him – he had all the ingredients for success – interest, focus and dedication – but he needed a brilliant therapist and approach.  You are unique – the long search for an approach to fluent speech that worked was worth it.

Barbara, apart from the approach to speech, it was the discussions you had with Josh about the way he feels, linking this with his speech and ability to take a different perspective on board that was also integral to the improvement.

And can I also say that Josh not only enjoyed the skype sessions, but felt respected and liked by you – so thank you for the whole package.

Forever grateful,



Dear Barbara,

This letter is past due.  I’m sorry it took so long but my husband and I, wanted to personally thank-you for the unbelievable work you put into our son, Avromie.  Before we started treatments with you, we thought it would be just another try, and another large sum of money, going to waste.  At our first visit, we were able to see how your idea and way of treatment just made so much sense!!  Your patience and KNOWLEDGE was just a miracle for our son!!  When our son does practice your techniques, it’s like, (as my husband put it), as if he swallowed some sort of pill!!  Thanks again of everything.


Hi Barbara,

Here’s as promised, a review of the therapy:

I have been trough the online stutter therapy,

I had my first sessions for some months ago.

I chose the online therapy because, first of all it was avialable for me – it is available for everyone who has internet.

And the online stutter therapy is very diiferent from other therapies.

What I learned was that my “stutter” (we are thought in the therapy to not use the word stutter) was affected from the major areas: 1) positive thinking and feelings towards my language

2) Fosucing on my vocal chords

3) Speeking in syllables

And also, I learned that my stutter is an old habit, from producing controlled language, in the wrong way.

The goal with the online stutter therapy is a fluent, enjoyable way of speaking.

And after 5 months of therapy I feel that being very much more the case than before, and I recommend this therapy to everyone. Just make sure you have the time for it first. If it is your goal to become fluent, and you have time for it, then I suggest this approach.

Friendly regards,



Dear Barbara,

I need to tell you how valuable the Dynamic Stuttering Therapy program is to my students. Your approach gives students a “new” way of speaking which they can embrace and share with their families. Being in the public schools it’s often difficult scheduling students but I find my students seek out additional time to work on their speech, because of the program’s “user friendly” units/ goals. Thank you for clearly stating the goals and objectives and providing so many appropriate techniques.  Your program has been extremely helpful to not only the stutterer but to families. Thank you.

Susan Abrahamson CCC/SLP


(translated from the original Hebrew testimonial)

Hi Barbara,

First of all, thank you for the online session we had. I really enjoyed talking to you and of course reviewing the natural and normal way of speaking that disappeared from me for some time. The session was very successful and I got a lot out of it. I learned a lot about myself and about the way to speak.

I understand the (treatment) approach at CTI. I know that this approach is the right one and most important the natural method of speaking.

I’m happy to share with you and help you understand the person who stutters. Even though I have always stuttered mildly, I suffered from a lack of confidence in some situations when I had to talk or express my opinions. That was certainly very frustrating and caused me discomfort and not a few times bitter disappointment.

It is absurd to say that the normal way of speaking is the natural and easy way that little children speak, without any control or “filter”. It is just speaking without thinking about how to speak; speaking the way nature meant for us to speak. As a person who stutters mildly, I absolutely know that most people who stutter monitor their speech and plan what they are going to say. This is what disrupts the speech and makes it sound unnatural, causes prolongations, ends in blocks and causes certain words and sounds to get stuck. And it’s terribly, terribly frustrating for some one who has stuttered that unfortunately people who stutter still carry have a negative stigma. The secret is to speak without any monitoring, without filters, without preparing. Simply… talk automatically so that there is a natural coordination between the brain and the whole speech system!

I still think that it is not so easy to get rid of the habit of focusing on words and doing all sorts of preparations to speak, such as changing words, prolonging words. It is really difficult for someone who has used the wrong process for speaking for many years to give up old habits and get used to speaking naturally. Making this change is not easy or simple for everyone, but it is possible and it is the only way to speak naturally without stuttering!! Practicing internal speech (speaking silently in the head) is really worthwhile. (That was what was missing for me all these years!!)

So thank you very much for helping me get back my confidence in speaking. Already, during the past few days since our session, I have felt an improvement. This is the right approach!! A great approach!!! It is the approach that gets to the source of the problem instead of the syndrome and shaping the speech.

If you would like, I would be happy to send you heartfelt recommendations so that everyone will see and will learn the importance of realizing that this is the approach that can save everyone from the problem of stuttering.


Hi Mrs. Dahm,

That hope that you have been well. I’m afraid that I have the bad habit that when I don’t respond to an e-mail right away I get busy with other things and manage to forget about it completely… Anyways, here’s my update. I have overall been relatively pleased with the progress that I have made toward consistently speaking correctly. I would say that one particularly positive point has been my attitude toward speaking situations in general.

I have gotten to the point where I really don’t worry about any speaking situations any more. I gave an approximately 10 minute speech at my brother’s wedding, in front of a few hundred people, and I was not nervous about stuttering beforehand. No doubt related to that fact, I spoke correctly pretty much the whole time and therefore was able to speak fluently. There was a long time when I would have probably declined that opportunity to speak for fear of stuttering, and if I had done it I would have worried so much and tried so hard to speak fluently that I would have spoken incorrectly and therefore stuttered a lot.

In general, I have been making progress toward speaking correctly more of the time. I still sometimes slip back into my old way of speaking, trying to use my mouth too much to shape and force out my words. I think that I’m usually pretty good about noticing when I’m doing that and then going back to speaking correctly. I’m still working on making the correct way of speaking more habitual. I hope that you have been well. I’ll keep you posted about how things go in the future.

All the best,