Gil’s story – before and after stuttering therapy with a client

At Stuttering Online Therapy, we see firsthand the progress our clients make, but we love it when our clients are happy to speak for themselves.

During Gil’s first therapy session:

Gil: Let’s say, there are times when I realize that my stuttering slightly bothers me. It happens when I’m a bit tired or if I go out to a pub and drink. Then my thoughts are not organized; they are free and not in my control. I noticed at these times that I have a tendency to stutter more. Or I have problems with the flow of speech, so in these situations I have more stuttering…

After 15 hours of treatment:

Gil: First, I got a new way of expressing myself. (Before) the words were always in my head, but the way to get them out was a bit of a problem.  (Now) the ideas simply flow in a very free way.  Suddenly, after a long time of not doing this and not being used to doing it, you feel a real relief. Suddenly everything goes smoothly like it’s supposed to. Speech is something so basic. It’s your way of communicating with the outside world. Suddenly, something that was so difficult and not right goes smoothly and, in short, that gives you an excellent feeling.

(In this therapy), you have goals that are A,B,C,D and you know you have to focus on them. These are the basics and you go according to them. This makes the therapy very focused.  It doesn’t say to you, “Well, you have to loose 50 kilo in a half a year.” It’s not like that. It’s not something abstract like that. There are specific goals that go with you all the way. The therapy is very focused.

Barbara: Have you changed your perspective about what speech is?

Gil: Yes, of course. Before (treatment) I didn’t know at all what it was – how you develop ideas, how it gets out of your mouth, how everything happens in your brain. Suddenly you actually realize that it (speaking) is really about not doing anything.

Barbara: What is your feeling today as you complete the formal stage of therapy?

Gil: Humm. First there is still more to do. I am not yet 100% there, so that I can’t say, “Great, after 15 hours of this treatment course, I can do everything that I want.”  But first of all, it really contributed a lot to my self-confidence. If once, you were afraid or hesitant to open your mouth because of how people might react or because you couldn’t speak fluently, then it’s already normal not to be that way. That helps a lot. I don’t know, it’s just that everything is so much freer. The thoughts that you always had that were such a bother are reduced. They suddenly just aren’t there. So you have the time, freedom and energy to think about a million and one other things. Once the energy was directed to another place. Now you have the energy to use freely for whatever you want. You have peace of mind.

The therapy on skype is something that I had heard of for the first time and had never thought of doing it. I had never heard of such an option. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical.  I said, “What? Via skype?” I am used to using skype just to talk to my friends abroad. It seemed strange to get therapy via skype. But, honestly, it is a great development. It’s not the conventional way of coming (to a clinic). It cuts out a lot of the bureaucracy of traveling, parking and sitting face to face. The therapy was much more comfortable and pleasant.  It’s so much nicer. You go home to your own home and open up your computer for a 1-2 hour session, and that’s it. You’re finished. You also have all your home practice on your computer. It’s not the regular therapy and I really liked it a lot.

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