Fluency Workshop

On December 5-6 Anna Margolina and I will be running a workshop for people who stutter. Imagine being at a workshop that will enable your inner fluency to emerge without effort. Anna and I will guide you to do just that. You will not go home from this workshop with the same struggle and lack of belief in your ability to speak fluently that you brought with you. Here is a snippet of what you will experience.

The mind always creates maps that we think of as reality. However, these maps are really the patterns of thinking that we have developed. It is very difficult to see beyond the boundaries of our maps. That is why when you think about yourself and when you try to solve your problems, you use the same maps and access the information using the same strategies and processes.

 To start getting unstuck and start changing, it is important to start looking beyond your maps. It is crucial that you start accessing, gathering and evaluating the information in a different way. Behind every response that limits you is a limited model of reality that needs to be reassessed. During the workshop you reassess your total speaking experience.

 I hope you will join us for this powerful workshop that will keep you from circling inside your old map and doing the same things you have been doing. Come with us and step beyond the limitations of your personal map and let go to create fluent speech.

Freeing Your Inner Fluency

Two-Day Intensive
December 5 & 6, 2015
Silver Cloud Inn – Lake Union, Seattle, WA

Let go of stuttering and unlock your ability to express yourself with power.

Anna Margolina Ph.D, author of “Letting Go of the Dragon”, Master NLP practitioner, NLP trainer, a clinical hypnotherapist. Anna used to stutter severely and had a debilitating fear of speaking. Today she is an award winning speaker and a personal development coach.

Barbara Dahm, author of “Freeing your Inner Fluency”, speech language therapist, Director of Communication Therapy Institute (Israel), is an internationally recognized authority on stuttering and a creator of Dynamic Stuttering Therapy – a unique approach aimed at liberating natural fluency as opposed to traditional fluency shaping methods, which attempt to control stuttering.

Freeing your Inner fluency workshop is or you if you want to:

  • Find your voice and let go of fear
  • Express yourself with ease and confidence
  • Understand and develop “the fluency mindset”.

Register today: www.FreeingFluency.com

Questions? Email: anna@healingmindtalks.com